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I’ve got my hands full!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but things are a little crazy here in the Kersteter household. My husband had surgery on his foot yesterday, so I was at the hospital all day. And now I’ve got a gimped up husband and two children to care for all by my lonesome. I don’t know how single parents do it. I am already tired and it’s not even been 24 hours!!! The surgery was successful, but my husband will be on crutches for a month. He is not to put any weight on his bad leg. He’s on painkillers and seems to be doing pretty well. He is seriously not trying to be a burden, but there’s really nothing he can do to help me with the kids or around the house (not that I would ask him to if he could). I am listening to him snore on the couch while he’s taking a nap. Man, there’s nothing I’d like more right now than a nap. Ok, maybe a nanny, a personal chef, and a maid. That would be nice, too. I don’t have any new projects or cards to share, but at least wanted to let you all know we’re still alive over here. I am making it a goal to spend some time in my craft room after the kids go to bed tonight. I need to get going on my card samples for my SU! book for customers to look through. A little stamping might help me relax a little, too. I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with a card or two! Here’s a picture from Mother’s Day that my husband took. I am never in pictures and really wanted some with my kids:


And here’s a quick pic I took of Maddie this week. She’s got this devilish little grin…. makes me wonder what she’s up to!

Devilish Grin Maddie


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Justin & his Valentines

Justin’s preschool Valentines Justin with his Valentine

Whew! We are *finally* finished with Justin’s valentines for his preschool class (nothing like cutting it close, huh?) I thought I was being such a “crafty” mom by stamping the images and having Justin color them, because Justin needs the practice with coloring. It isn’t one of his favorite things to do. He must take after his father, because everyone knows I love playing with paper!!!


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Life returns to normal

My son is home and things are back to normal. Well, normal for *this* family anyway! I missed him terribly. I was moody all week. He seriously drives me nuts (which my husband tells me is a short drive), but I missed that kid like crazy!!!

I have *finally* finished my husband’s calendar. Whew! He only got it six weeks late. It was so late, in fact, that he wasn’t even able to display the month of January. I am just so glad it’s done. It’s not my best work, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s done. He doesn’t really care about the stamps and embellishments I put on there. He just likes to be able to look at his kids while he’s at work. Therefore, I have done my duty. This year, I’m starting in July. Part of the problem is that I want to use the most current pictures I can and that’s hard when you’re trying to keep the months in themes. I don’t want summer pictures for December, kwim?

I am now free to play with my stamps, but also have to get serious about scrapbooking for Justin and Maddie’s books. I’ve set a goal of one two-page layout a week. I’m starting this tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve got this cataloging class that (at first) seemed like it was going to be the death of me. I even asked my professor if this is the class that makes people *not* want to be librarians! If you’ve ever sat down to try to read the Anglo-American Classification Rules 2(AACR2), you’d know why. Major snoozefest! And it is seriously confusing! Thankfully my professor wrote a student guide that flushes out the major content and makes it more accessible. I can’t believe how freakin’ complicated cataloging is!

I made a card using the Delight in Life S-A-B set, but I’m not really feeling it. I’ll probably post it later tonight, though. I want to try to post something every few days. By the way, if you are into unmounted stamps, check out the *super* cute stamps at Stampingbella. Emily has created some awesome stamps and has even motivated me to move into the world of the unmounted stamp. I’ve been clinging to my SU! wood mounted stamps for dear life, but am branching out. Okay, it was only because I didn’t realize these were unmounted stamps when I placed my order. But they are so darn cute that I had to have them. The girls over at SCS are having a ball with them and I wanted in on the action. Check them out 😀


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Oh, how I love my children!

Last night for dinner, I served ravioli with pasta sauce. Yes, the EXACT SAME dinner I served my son when he told me I was a “bad cooker”. The SAME meal he described as “disgusting” a week ago received rave reviews last night. I believe he said it was the best meal he ever had and told me I was a good cooker. He even asked if he could have it for lunch today! So, I served it to him. And he ate it!!! I am not even going to pretend that I understand this child. He is one gigantic mystery. There have been so many times when he does or says something that I just end up shaking my head and walking away. Once such instance was when I took him to see the movie “Charlotte’s Web”. I loved that book as a child and was so excited to take Justin to share that love. The movie was pretty true to the book and I’ll admit that even though I knew that Charlotte was going to die, I still got teary-eyed. As we are walking out to the car after the movie, I look down at my son and ask him what his favorite part of the movie was. He looks up at me and says “when the cow farted in the rat’s face”. Boys! I guess it really is inherent for them to be disgusting creatures fascinated with potty humor. I’m still waiting for my husband to outgrow it.

As far as our little princess goes, she’s on my list. Someone (named Maddie) woke up at 3:45 a.m. and decided it was party time. She was WIDE awake. My husband assured me she would go back to sleep, but I knew better. She was so loud I was afraid she’d wake the other one. So, Maddie and I enjoyed a wonderful half hour of Blues Clues at o-dark-thirty. She wasn’t really hungry and didn’t really need to be changed. She just wanted to party. Like they say, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Even when they are only 9 months old. Hey, at least she isn’t capable of ruining a beautiful children’s story by describing in great detail the scene where the cow farted in the pig’s face.

I’ll be back later tonight to post some scrapbooking projects I’ve been working on. I belong to a monthly card club, so I have the cards I made for this month and also some name decorations I made for my cousin Denise’s daughters. Later…..

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My house is de-Christmafied!!!

I managed to keep my Christmas decorations up (tree included) until December 29th. That’s about as long as I could take it. Growing up, my family always kept the tree and decorations up until New Year’s Day. I don’t know how my mother could stand it. As is tradition in my family, we put the decorations up on the day after Thanksgiving. Isn’t a whole month of having my house full of Christmas cheer long enough?!?! I mean, it looks like Toys ‘R Us exploded in my living room and I had to make room for all of Maddie and Justin’s new crap somehow, right?

This was Madelyn’s first Christmas and I didn’t realize how much having a second child would impact the magnitude of presents I’d have to find a place for. How can one little baby acquire so much crap?!?! The funny thing about it is that her brother (who is 4) is having more fun playing with her toys than she is. I think he may be having more fun playing with HER toys than HIS toys. Well, the exceptions to that would be his Leapster (yes, Santa came through) and this hideous monster truck from his Uncle Erik and Auntie Kara. This thing is loud and obnoxious. It is one of life’s greatest injustices when people who do not have children of their own buy loud and obnoxious toys for the kids in their life. There is no opportunity for payback. I think it should be some sort of law or something. Unless you have children of your own, you are prohibited from purchasing any toy that makes loud noises, moves on its own, or has annoying flashing lights. In our case, this toy does all three. Thank you, Kara & Erik!

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Bad Cooker

My 4 year old son, Justin, announced to me tonight that I am a “bad cooker” and the things I cook are “junk” and “yucky”. It’s not like a laid a freakin’ slab of liver in front of the kid, either. I made beef ravioli with marinara sauce. I even let him tell me how much parmesan cheese to put on it. He announced after his first bite that it was “delicious”, but later described the meal as “disgusting”. Someday he’s going to be a starving teenager and I will remind him of this day, probably while handing him a plate of liver.

He is still driving me absolutely bonkers with what can best be described as “excessive Christmas energy”. Even when he sits still, I can see the energy struggling to make its way to the surface. I will be SO glad when Christmas is over. See, that’s how I know I’ve finally turned into an adult. Christmas isn’t something I hope never ends anymore. Christmas is something to be survived. Last year, every single Christmas decoration came down on December 26th. I think the same thing might happen this year, unless I’ve somehow managed to duct tape Justin to the tree itself.

The only thing Justin has asked for from Santa was a Leapster. I must hear ten times a day how he really wants a Leapster, and do I think Santa will bring him one. Tonight I told him I think Santa is bringing one for his little sister instead of him, which apparently wasn’t the answer he was expecting. The look he gave me was priceless.

Justin went to the Holidazzle parade with his cousin Grace and my parents on Wednesday night. They also got to see the holiday display at Macy’s and saw Santa. This was Justin’s second time seeing the big guy. He told Santa that he was asking him for a Leapster again, since he’d been naughty since the last time he’d asked for one. Hey, at least the kid speaks the truth. I’m sure I will like him again on December 26th.


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