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Life returns to normal

My son is home and things are back to normal. Well, normal for *this* family anyway! I missed him terribly. I was moody all week. He seriously drives me nuts (which my husband tells me is a short drive), but I missed that kid like crazy!!!

I have *finally* finished my husband’s calendar. Whew! He only got it six weeks late. It was so late, in fact, that he wasn’t even able to display the month of January. I am just so glad it’s done. It’s not my best work, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s done. He doesn’t really care about the stamps and embellishments I put on there. He just likes to be able to look at his kids while he’s at work. Therefore, I have done my duty. This year, I’m starting in July. Part of the problem is that I want to use the most current pictures I can and that’s hard when you’re trying to keep the months in themes. I don’t want summer pictures for December, kwim?

I am now free to play with my stamps, but also have to get serious about scrapbooking for Justin and Maddie’s books. I’ve set a goal of one two-page layout a week. I’m starting this tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve got this cataloging class that (at first) seemed like it was going to be the death of me. I even asked my professor if this is the class that makes people *not* want to be librarians! If you’ve ever sat down to try to read the Anglo-American Classification Rules 2(AACR2), you’d know why. Major snoozefest! And it is seriously confusing! Thankfully my professor wrote a student guide that flushes out the major content and makes it more accessible. I can’t believe how freakin’ complicated cataloging is!

I made a card using the Delight in Life S-A-B set, but I’m not really feeling it. I’ll probably post it later tonight, though. I want to try to post something every few days. By the way, if you are into unmounted stamps, check out the *super* cute stamps at Stampingbella. Emily has created some awesome stamps and has even motivated me to move into the world of the unmounted stamp. I’ve been clinging to my SU! wood mounted stamps for dear life, but am branching out. Okay, it was only because I didn’t realize these were unmounted stamps when I placed my order. But they are so darn cute that I had to have them. The girls over at SCS are having a ball with them and I wanted in on the action. Check them out šŸ˜€



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Altered Recipe Tin

My friend Kristine was kind enough to take pictures of the recipe tin I made her for Christmas. I made a few of these and they all turned out great, if I may say so myself. These are so fun to make and look great sitting out on the counter in your kitchen. I have yet to make one for myself, but that’s to be expected. I have a scrappin’/stampin’ project list a mile long. I have yet to really get started on my husband’s calendar that was supposed to be for Christmas and it’s almost the middle of January! I start my cataloging class this weekend, so I know play time will be limited for me for a while. I think this class has the potential to kick my a$$ and I’m a little anxious about it. I’m maintaining a 4.0 right now and would really, really like to graduate with that. After the class this semester and the one I’ll take this summer, I will be half way through my Masters in Library and Information Science degree with a license to teach Media in K-12. I will try hard not to bore you with the details of cataloging. I’m sure it’s only fascinating to library geeks like myself.

I digress…. I’m posting the pictures of one of the tins I made and will post the rest when I get the pictures from the people I gave the tins to. I couldn’t have remember to take pics of the projects before I gave them away because that would have been the smart thing to do!

KM Recipe TinĀ #3 KM Recipe TinĀ #2 KM RecipeĀ Tin

I will say that, for me, the easiest way to apply the paper was to put the Mod Podge directly on the tin and not the paper. I had far less bubbles that way. They have a ton of examples of these in the SCS gallery. Check them out!


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