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I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Tonya and by Amanda. Here are the rules:

The rules of the game:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my 7 random facts:

1. I have a semi-phobia of balloons popping.
2. I have never had a broken bone.
3. My mom and I had the same first, middle, and last name until I got married.
4. I know a lot about sports (baseball, football, and hockey).
5. I am seriously addicted to Diet Coke.
6. I can’t stand my house being dirty or cluttered (I have 2 small children and a big, furry dog…. see the problem?)
7. When my husband is out of town (and that’s not often), I let our dog sleep on his side of the bed!

Here are the 7 people I am tagging:

Jenn D

That’s it! I am working on some things right now and have a couple of cards ready to post. Be back soon…..



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Crew Kids Boy & Crew Kids Girl

I cannot tell you how much I {heart} the Simply Scrappin’ Kits from Stampin’ Up! Yes, I am a demonstrator for SU!, so that does make me a bit biased. But these kits are wonderful for getting pages done quickly, easily, and fashionably too! I am not a fan of stickers. But the card stock stickers that come in the kits are not your typical stickers. If you don’t scrapbook, don’t write these off just yet. I have seen fabulous cards made from these kits. I have the Rose Cottage SSK that I plan to use for making cards. If you haven’t tried these out yet, you must!!! Everything you see on these pages came out of the kit, with the exception of some of the photo corners that I punched with the Photo Corners Punch!

These are the pages I designed for my Simply Scrappin’ Kit class. I had so much fun doing them!!!

Crew Kids Boy 1

Crew Kids Boy 2

Crew Kids Boy 3

Crew Kids Boy 4

Crew Kids Girl 1

Crew Kids Girl 2

Crew Kids Girl 3

Crew Kids Girl 4

I’ll be back with a couple of cards tomorrow!!


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