Anniversary Roses

My husband is not the most romantic man in the world. He doesn’t write love letters, bring me flowers unexpectedly, or that type of thing. What he does do is make me feel like the most beautiful and lucky woman in the world. He has given me everything I always wanted and more. We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on November 3rd. On Friday, the 2nd, he came home from work with these roses. He explained that I was getting them a day early because he didn’t want to pay delivery charges. Like I said, not what you would consider a “typical” romantic. I sat the roses down on the kitchen table and saw that there were 6 red roses and 2 pink ones:

Anniversary Roses

The 6 red roses were for our 6 wonderful years of marriage and the 2 pink roses were for our 2 wonderful children. I bawled. Like a baby. Those 8 roses meant so much more to me than 8 dozen roses ever could have. My husband isn’t what most would consider romantic, but he knows how to make me feel special and he makes me so extremely happy. Almost everything good in my life has come through him. He is so patient with me (and Lord knows I need it!) and is truly my best friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband for myself or a better father for our children. I love you, babe!



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2 responses to “Anniversary Roses

  1. popsicletoescardcreations

    So cool, Dianne! Congrats on your sixth anniversary, he should be relieved that you’re not trading him in for a newer model! Kidding! I’m so happy that you are another woman blessed with the “Love of Your Life”! Beautiful and thoughtful roses!

  2. Now that is truly romantic Dianne. It’s all about the amount of thought and consideration and effort that goes into the gesture, not the gesture itself.

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