A cop and a pumpkin!

Halloween 2007 1

Halloween 2007 2

Halloween 2007 3

Bart’s wolf pumpkin carving

I couldn’t bring myself to spend $40-$50 for costumes for the kids. Maddie won’t remember this at all and Justin just wanted to be a police officer. Simple enough. I needed something they could wear over their winter coats because we do live in Minnesota, after all! It was cold and windy and Maddie didn’t get to go out with her brother because she refused to leave her hat on. I wouldn’t have cared, but like I said, it was C-O-L-D! I had to include the picture of one of the pumpkins my husband carved with Justin this year. Ok, Bart carved it and Justin just watched and told him how disgusting the insides of the pumpkin were.

I am so severely behind on posting that I can’t even make up any excuses! How pathetic is that?!?! I am going to be posting more posts today, but will schedule them to run a few days apart. That way I can give the appearance of being on top of things. Yeah, right. I am, however, more than half way through with my Christmas shopping. Yay, me! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. I’ll be scrapping/stamping some Christmas gifts, but as soon as those are done, I plan to post some of the Halloween pages I’ll be working on. Hopefully you’ll see those before Easter 🙂



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4 responses to “A cop and a pumpkin!

  1. OMG they are So absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  2. Your children are adorable!!! Do you scrap book?? Those photos would make an excellent page!

  3. I do scrapbook, but like most every other scrapbooker I know, I’m *seriously* behind!!! These will (eventually) make a great Halloween scrapbook page!

  4. Oh gosh….could they BE any cuter!!! Bet Hallowe’en is fun at your house!!!

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