I’ve been tagged!!!

Karen at Scraps of Mind has tagged me! How fun is that? I’ve never been tagged before and hope I do this right! Thanks, Karen! Here are my answers:

A – Available or taken: Definitely taken! I’ve been married to my incredible husband for five and a half years.

B – Best friend: My husband and Shannon. Couldn’t just pick one!

C – Cake or pie: Cake hands down. Not a real big fan of pie, but I do like a slice of pumpkin on Thanksgiving.

D – Drink of choice: No contest….. Diet Coke!

E – Essential item you use everyday: My vacuum (and I only WISH I was kidding). We’ve got a golden retriever and dark cherry wood floors. Enough said. Oh, and the other essential item would be my laptop!

F – Favorite color: Pixie Pink, Certainly Celery, Bashful Blue, and So Saffron (these are Stampin’ Up colors, for those of you not familiar). I really am a big fan of pink.

G- Gummy bears or worms: I’m with Karen, not unless they’re covered with chocolate!

H- Hometown: I live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.

I- Indulgence: shopping!

J – January or February: February, because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day!

K – Kids & names: Justin and Madelyn (Maddie)

L- Life is incomplete without? My family and my friends

M- Marriage date: November 3, 2001

N- Number of siblings: one sister

O- Oranges or apples: Apples, provided there’s also caramel for dipping!

P- Phobias or fears: My worst fears always involve something happening to one of my children. I have a slight phobia of balloons popping (don’t laugh!)

Q- Fave quote: “When you absolutely positively have to know, ask a librarian.” – American Library Association (ALA)

R – Reasons to smile: My 2 beautiful children and my wonderful husband

S – Season: Spring because everything looks so fresh and new.

T – Tag 3 or 4 people: I don’t know too many people who haven’t already been tagged, so here are my 2:

Shannon at Shannon’s Blog

Tracy at Scrappin’ Fool

U – Unknown fact about me: I have a huge crush on Joe Mauer, catcher and AL batting champ from the Minnesota Twins!

V- Vegetable you don’t like: Peas and lima beans

W – Worst habit: Procrastination and cracking my knuckles (which my mom absolutely hates!)

X – Xrays: Too many to count!

Y – Your fave food: Chocolate and my mom’s stuffing and gravy

Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius


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One response to “I’ve been tagged!!!

  1. Great list Diane. Good to see another chocolate junkie.
    Have you considered getting the retriever’s coat coloured to match the floor. Then you could lose the daily vacuum ritual.

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