Sweet Blog Confections!!!

I am so excited to give away my little pile of blog candy! I’ve been stockpiling these waiting to reach the 5,000 hits mark to give them away. The time has come and I am anxious to get the show on the road! Here’s what the blog candy consists of:
Blog candy April ‘07

You will receive:

6 of the $1 Michael’s rubber stamps
3 of the $1 Michael’s acrylic stamp sets
2 of the $1 Archiver’s Rhonna Farrer flower stamps
3 small spools of American Crafts ribbon
1 Marvy Uchida Extra Jumbo Clever Lever square punch
and I saved the best for last……

1 Stampingbella stamp of your choice!!! After the winner has been announced, I will ask you to contact me with your mailing address and which Bella stamp you would like. I will then place the order with Emily at Stampingbella! If you haven’t already fallen in love with these lovely stamps, check them out at Stampingbella.com.

Now….all you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post telling me which Bella you’d like to win and why. You see, I’m a teacher and I can’t let you just give an answer. There has to be a justification for the answer, too. At least I’m asking a pretty easy question, right?!?!? ***Edited to add: In all my excitement, I forgot to say that I will have the drawing on Saturday morning, the 7th. Be sure to get your comments in before 9:00 a.m. Central time!



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81 responses to “Sweet Blog Confections!!!

  1. Great blog and wow what wonderful candy!!

    I love the Jammiebella… she’s just so cute in her fuzzy slippers and robe, carrying her teddybear!

  2. Oh thats easy it would have to be Teachabella, cause I would like to make my teacher’s their end of term thank you cards, and it just happens that both my girls teachers are woman, so perfecto, plus my youngest is at pre-school and all the teachers/caregivers are female as well, so hey presto – I will be getting this bella if I don’t win your absolutely fantastic blog candy comp, I would be happy with half of what you are offering up and all can say is WOW = thanks for the fantastic opportunity

  3. Which Bella!? Such a hard question. I’m going to go with Grumpabella. She’s the next one on my list to get and reminds me of myself. Great candy by the way. We dont’ have an Archiver’s here and our Mikes doesn’t have any acrylic stamps yet so this would be super awesome.

  4. Oh my goodness!! Look at all that yummy candy!! Aren’t you just so generous?? Bellas…? Love ’em!! I think I would like Billybootabella because I love her little umbrella and boots and I can totally see paper piecing her umbrellie with some awesome patterned paper!!!

  5. what fun blog candy! TFS and congrats on the hits… you’re blog is great! I love cakeabella a lot because I love to bake!

  6. Holy crow…you’re a nut…let me alert the masses! I would like to get Cruiseabella…I always wanted a car like that!

  7. doverdi

    Wow! What an awesome selection of blog candy and then to add a bella to it. I would have to say that I’d chose Sposabella as a I have a niece who just got engaged and is planning on getting married next year. It would make great cards for her bridal party or bachelorette party.

  8. Heather Leech

    What a fabulous prize package!!! Congrats on the success of your blog !!
    I just got my first bella order last week, so I already have a few…but I want them all! First on my list to get now, though, would be the Walkabella. I do work for the SPCA and have 2 dogs (not anything like the one on the stamp, mind you!)
    Heather L.

  9. A bella! I don’t have one and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get one!

  10. I got soooo excited … I forgot to tell you which one 🙂 I’d like flowahbella!

  11. Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

    Wow, awesome blog candy! I don’t have any bellas yet, but I love them. I would most like “frizzybella” because I have thick, naturally curly hair that frizzes out. Thanks!
    Cheryl KVD

  12. What Bella would I pick? That is such a hard question! I think I would have to select StampinBella, she is just so cute and I love stamping so it would suit me 🙂 Thank you for offering such wonderful candy!

  13. Wow, this is so generous Dianne! Thank you! I would love to own flowahbella because she looks very fun to watercolour, and she would be very versatile.

  14. Beth

    Wow what a great give-away!! Congrats on the 5,000 hits!! Way to go!!

    I enjoy your creativity. Let’s see – a Bella – I think Tinkerbella is so cute and I’ve enjoyed seeing the creations others’ have made with her. 🙂

    Have a great week!!

    Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

  15. Wow oh wow! What a great and generous contest this is! Congrats to you on all the hits! I would love to have the new Cruisabella – she is sooo cool in her convertible with her hair blowing in the breeze! Thanks for the great contest!

  16. Wow! That’s a lot of loot! I do not have any Bellas yet.

    My favorite one is frizzybella. I love her fun hairstyle and I think the paper piecing with designer paper would work well with that image.

  17. Vicki Chrisman

    What a fabulous bunch of goodies!
    Cruisabella is darling! Thanks!

  18. Kristine

    All bellas are great, but I would have to save bellarina as my daughter dances and between cards and scrapbooking I would have many uses for her. What great gifts!!!

  19. What totally awesome blog candy! I am unashamedly addicted to the Bellas and one I’d really love to have is Beachabella. Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to look like THAT in a bikini?!?!

  20. Diane Mc

    Wow, what a great contest. I do not have any bellas but I love all the cards I am seeing. I would love to have sistahoodabellas …they are so cool. I would love to use them for RAKs (love the sentiment that comes with the sistahoodabella).


  21. Aww what sweet blog candy! I don’t own any Bellas and have not seen a Bella card in person yet! If I win, I’d love to get a JammieBella. She is just too cute in her PJ’s and those slippers! Reminds me of how my girlfriends and I like to get comfy in our PJ’s and chit chat all night long. My 3 year old DD always look cute and cuddly in her PJ’s as well!

  22. Imeldabella for me … I can never have enough shoes, and now that warm weather is approaching, all of those adorable sandals will be calling my name.

  23. Diane

    OMG What awesome blog candy!!!
    Congrats on your hits,glad you’ve reached your goal!!! Bella!!WOW!! I would love to get the jammiebella,I could get so much use out of it.Thanks for the chance!!

  24. Jackie P

    Wow – that is some awesome blog candy! I like the grumpybella the best – she reminds me of myself in the morning – I am not a morning person!

  25. Bonnie Weiss

    Congrats on your milestone! And thanks for offering such generous candy.
    My choice would be Walkabella as I am passionate about dogs. I own and operate a dog-grooming business and I have four miniature schnauzers who I can’t imagine my life without. I already have the Walkabella stamp, but I would still choose her and give her to my friend, Doverdi.

  26. Gasp…wowweee! What a haul.

    Bella, bella…which bella.

    Athough there are many stamps I would love to have, I would enjoy winning the Superbella stamp. When I make a card or project, I like stamping with a particular person in mind. I get my inspiration on colors, layouts, images from the personality of my friend. The Superbella image would be such a fabulous stamp to have b/c of it’s versitility. It can be used to boost a friend’s spirit by letting them know that I think they are a super mom or super friend or super (fill in the blank). I can give them kudos if they have completed a major goal or if they have overcome a big challenge in their life. This Superbella image can be used as a cheerleader to those who are depressed or going through a hard time. This image represents the strength and confidence that is inside all women. I would LOVE to have the Superbella image so that I can use it, time and time again, to give hope, confidence, support and love to my friends…those in my real life and to those in my cyber life.

  27. Amber H. (bambi64 on SCS)

    I would have to say Minivan Bella. No, I don’t own a mini van, but I have the kids/baby hanging! lol

    Congrats on the milestone.

  28. Wow! What awesome candy!! I would definitely same that ‘Jammy Bella’ would be my pick. I have yet to get on the Bella bandwagon, but I think that this one would be a great place to start. I just think I would have so much fun coloring the teddy and cute pj’s in different colors!!

  29. Kheila

    Great blog candy. I just love the javabellas…..makes me think of sitting in Starbucks with my DIL or any of my 5 sisters. It’s so relaxing. This would be an adorable thinking of you or to use with a Starbucks gift card, etc. I don’t have any bellas yet, but this would be soooo exciting!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. WOW! That’s some kinda candy! 🙂

    TFS your wonderful cards and creations!

  31. Ok-Didn’t read ALL the instructions first (guess how I did in school?)

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I just love the Jammy Bella — mostly because I LOVE to sleep! 🙂

  32. I’d choose flowabella! Cause I can hardly wait for spring flowers!

  33. I’d have to choose Tinkerbella, I think. I saw an adorable card done on SCS that paired her with the doodles from Doodle This. That sold me! Thanks for the generous drawing! 🙂

  34. Just one that I like? It’s a toss up between Grumpabella and Cosmobella. I don’t own any Bellas, but my daughter’s name is Bella – so I kind of have a Bella of my own. I like those two Bellas because they remind me of myself.

  35. Hmm…I think Bellabustah because that’s how I usually feel! Although I don’t have any bellas and anyone of them would be the coolest.

  36. hmmm… I would choose Cosmobella. She’s just too dang cute with those flip flops & capris pants – perfect for spring!

    Thank you for offering up such amazing blog candy!!


  37. What an awesome collection! I think my favorite Bella is daintybella, because I was a bridesmaid five times, and she would look great on all those wedding scrapbook pages I still need to do!

  38. Liann M.

    i LOVE the bella with three girls….it kind of represents my three girls…..

  39. I have most of the Bella’s, but not Cruiseabella, which is adorable. Thanks for sharing with us!

  40. Anouk

    Thanks for the great blog candy! As far as a bella, I would love to have spabella. I think she is so cute. And who wouldn’t want to go to a spa?

  41. That was the 1st time I looked at the Bellas. I am in trouble now. I see why they are all the rage! I would get the javabella first. It reminds me of me and my best friend. We used to meet weekly for Chai before I moved. 😦

  42. Wow that’s quire a stash Diane. And I see you’ve passed your goal. Congratulations.

  43. Lois lane

    I looked through those bellas a dozen times. It’s hard to pick just one. I haven’t got any, so I would like them all. But…I know I have to pick just one so it would be javabellas. It reminded me of my friend and I sitting and talking and drinking our coffee (actually me coffee, her iced tea). This would be the perfect bella to make her a card and let her know how much I appreciate our friendship!

  44. To pick just one Bella? Hmmmmm, this is hard because I don’t have any Bellas yet. I would have to go with Teachabella, as my son is now in Pre-K and I could use it for projects for his teachers.

    I think that your blog candy is awesome! We don’t have the acrylic $1 stamps at our Michaels, in fact I haven’t seen $1 Rhonna Farrer at Archiver’s either. Thanks so much for a wonderful opportunity!

  45. Claudia

    Wonderful blog! I love the jammibella, what a cute stamp.
    Claudia F.

  46. pegg L

    It’s too hard to pick one – all are so cute! But I would choose “flowahbella” — she’s a versatile image and I would love to try paper piecing and watercoloring on her (haven’t gotten to those techniques yet!). I have been using Prismacolor/Gamsol and that would be fun to try on her too!

  47. What yummy blog candy! Guess my current fav Bella is Cruisabella…she looks so hot in that sports car:) Sure is hard to pick a favorite with so many great Bella’s, isn’t it?
    Linda SS

  48. Ila

    Great blog candy!! I would choose Cruiseabella. Why?…I like the car and I don’t have this Bella Stamp. Thanks for sharing!!

  49. Peggy

    Great blog candy and congrats on your blog hits! I would probably choose Giftabella w/hat because she would be so versatile. I do a LOT of birthday cards and it would be so cute for those. Thanks!

  50. Paula

    Wow! Great blog candy. I like Beachabella. We spend most of the summer at the beach and she would be perfect for making cards for my friends. Thanks.

  51. Megan Olsen

    What awesome blog candy! The stamping bella that I’m most loving right now is daintybella – I have a few friends getting engaged/married, and I know they’d love some cards made with this adorable bella!


  52. jodene

    You just got to love those bellas,they are sooo… cute.I had a hard time picking only one that matched me.Since my first love is Disney,I’m a little obsessed.I own every disney cartoon made,I would have to pick tinkerbella.I also have two girls so it would get used alot.

  53. Bettina

    Wonderful blog candy! The next Bella I need is Grumpabella. We often have friends stay with us and I think she would make a cute ‘Thanks for Hanging out with Us’ card. You can even add a line on the left side of her grump and have a smirk. Since I’ve gotta have my first cup of coffee in the morning to function, Grumpabell is soooooo me ;> I also thought she would make a cute Thank You card for my daughter after a sleepover party (think hot chocolate, not coffee in the mug!). OK – just hope you pick me!!?!?!?!!

  54. Selina

    Ooohh…either Tinkerbella because she’s so cute and somehow reminds me of my daughter. Or Jammiebella because my kids like to have sleep overs and she’d be the perfect stamp for invites!

  55. mara

    Congradulations! What wonderful candy!

    I would say I love the tinkerbella one the best.

  56. Sharon in NE

    If I could get one, it would be for my niece who is an up and coming artist . She likes to stamp but doesn’t have any stamps and her mom doesn’t stamp (gasp). I know, I’m ashamed…its a family secret.

    So, I would introduce to her Artistabella and it would be perfect, since my niece’s name is Briella.

  57. Holy Moly, look at all that wonderful blog candy……….Hmmmm a bella, since I don’t have any bella’s in the house yet, waiting for my birthday next week, I would definitely buy any of the bella’s pertaining to babies, I have so many friends and teachers around me at work that are expecting, she would definitely get the most inking!! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Lilian

    oh my… how to chose a favorite bella when i love them ALL? but if i had to chose one, i would chose cosmobella… she’s fun, spunky, and ready to par-tay! =)

  59. Teachabella of course! I am a SAHM and an online teacher and that desk looks just about right for me. I do miss teaching in the classroom but somehow teaching kids stamping classes in the community is helping me with that…and what better class to offer than a class just for teachers using my teachabella!!!
    Thank you very much for this opportunity and congrats on all the hits!

  60. Regina Davis

    Easy question…I’d chose the JavaBellas. They look so happy sharing a cup of coffee and relaxing.

  61. Cecily

    I’d love the mamabella, I’m expecting #2, also seems like all my friends are too! Great give away… I hope that I win!

  62. Nancy Grant

    Hello! Oh what fun! My favorite Bella is “Minivanabella”. It’s the toddler clinging to her leg that just cracks me up and that’s why I love it.
    Nancy Grant

  63. Teachabella is definitely on my favorites list. I have not had an opportunity to purchase any bellas yet though I do intend to buy some. I am a teacher as well so the teachabella is one I NEED to get.

  64. ~Lana B.~

    I’m thinking grumpabella…b/c my 14yr old DD says it’s exactly like me every morning! LOL Thanks for sharing!!
    ~Lana B.~
    lanastamps on SCS

  65. Chantale L

    Hi, great blog and love the candy. How very generous of you. It’s so hard to chose just one as I have so many favourites. lol… I like the tinkerbella. I have two daughters, one who is five and very into princesses right now. I could use this one on a lot of scrapbook pages etc. I am making paperbag albums for each of them and this stamp would make really cute tags for their books. I really like the cosmobella too and it would make nice cards for friends and family. It’s so hard to chose..lol. Thanks for the chance!

  66. I love Chefabella. I collect and read cookbooks for fun, because the ones I buy are often travel or life logs along with the recipes. I love finding out the lore surrounding foods in different countries and the impact of food traditions on families and how to incorporate them into my life. This stamp would be a cool way to sign my books when I lend them out.

  67. Susan H

    Well, that’s an easy one – I have a convertible and my Dad owns an old corvette convertible so of course it’s cruisabella!! Great candy!

  68. My favorite is… Staceyfishabella, my hubby is a fisherman and before I discovered stamping I loved fishing too. I haven’t purchased any bellas yet, this would be my first and I could use it on some cards to my hubby. Thanks!

  69. Amy

    Wow! How fun is this! I am so torn. On one hand, I think jammybella is the most adorable. I love the teddy bear and slippers. But the pragmatist in me can’t think how I would get much use out of it. So, instead, I think I’d lean towards feelabella. I don’t have any stamps quite so perfect for feel better cards.

  70. Love your blog and your blog candy is totally WOW! I have a few of the Bellas but I’d REALLY enjoy having RockaBella. She is sheer SASSINESS! I can think of some great sayings to go with her!

  71. I think my fave is the Javabellas. Congrats on your blog – I’m off to check out the rest of it! Great way to celebrate!

    dini on SCS

  72. My favorite Bella will have to be Balloonabella. I always wanted to learn how to make balloon animals but was always afraid of the popping. so I didn’t until i grew up and at age 50 decided there was much more scary things out there than a popping balloon. so I took out a book, bought bags of the special balloons and taught myself.

    It’s been fun for neighborhood kids, family reunion, and especially for my own grandkids. I would love to take possession of Balloonabella. Thanx so much for this opportunity. I will hope I win and hope my hope doesn’t get popped.

  73. Liz

    Great booty! Not sure if you’ll mail to the UK but here goes anyway. IF I won I’d choose Jammybella ‘cos jim-jams rule!! (Have you notcied that the longer you wear them, the comfier they get – what’s that all about???)

  74. Liz

    Sorry for mis-spelling “noticed”earlier. Must be the excitement!

  75. marcie

    Hi! I would like to win walkabella – just because I think that dog is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

  76. What wonderful blog confections! I would have to say the new Bella (cruiseabella) is tops on my list. She is my new favorite, because sometimes I wish I could just jump into my car (assuming I had a convertible and not a minivan) and let the wind blow through my hair as I sailed down the highways and by-ways. LOL 🙂

  77. Jacki R.

    What wonderful blog candy Dianne! I have to say my favorite Bella is “Pregabella,” as I just found out yesterday that we’re expecting!

  78. Cris

    Hmmm…I may only pick just one?! I’m leaning towards balloonabella. I also like Sposabella. Ack! Too hard to pick favourites. 😉 Thanks for this chance! Love that punch…those M’s clear stamps and those Rhonna stamps! Woot! And American Crafts ribbon is always yummy!

  79. Susan Guzy

    I’d Love to win ARTISTABELLA, because I am an artist! I love all forms of arts and crafts and would use this lil’ gal a lot!! That is indeed a great package you have put together 🙂

  80. Nadine Papove

    I’d love to win Sistahoodabellas I love the 4 girls and it represents by 3 friends whom I do everything with.
    This would make great RAK cards. Thanks for the chance.

  81. Carole M.

    Fun blog candy and my choice of Bella stamp would be Chefabella. I have a cyber-stamping-friend I would love to surprise with this stamp since she is a chef herself.

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