Kudos to Making Memories!!!

I am sure many of you who read my blog are well aware of the company Making Memories. They have some of the most awesome paper crafting products on the market. I took all of the classes they were offering at CKU, just because of their reputation for awesome product and their generosity in giving away said product. Well, they have impressed me once again. I received one of their precision trimmers as a gift several months back. I was so excited to get it, because I never really could love my Fiskars purple Euro trimmer. I was constantly replacing the blades on that thing and they are not cheap! The MM precision trimmer is self-sharpening. So all of the money saved from not having to buy new blades can be spent buying more paper!!! Ok, back to the main point here. I could never really get a straight cut with my trimmer. I honestly thought it was just me. Then my friend Shannon told me about something her friend Terri told her….that Archiver’s pulled all of these trimmers because they had so many customer complaints about crooked cutting. But, since I did not have a receipt of any sort, I didn’t think I could really do anything about it. Which was too bad, because I really loved this trimmer. Well, except for the part about it cutting crooked, which is kind of a big deal in paper crafting. So, I decide to contact Making Memories customer service. I get a response from one of their reps, Jana, who told me they would happily replace my trimmer once I was able to provide them with proof that I did, in fact, own one of their trimmers. She warned me that it may take 4 to 5 weeks, since the trimmers had been very in demand since fixing whatever problem it had. That was on March 9th. Guess what the Fed Ex man dropped off at my house late yesterday afternoon??? You got it….. my new trimmer!! My husband got it out of the package (after being quite relieved that the box was not full of scrapbooking items that I purchased) and I played with it for a few minutes. Cuts like buttah! And, more importantly, it appears to cut straight!!!! Woo hoo!!! Gotta love Making Memories for their awesome product and their even more awesome customer service!!! I am one happy camper!


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  1. That’s pretty impressive service Diane. No wonder you’re so pleased. Big Kudos to making Memories.

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