Soooooo Sick!

I am sorry I’ve been MIA. I started getting sick on Thursday with some sort of cold and it progressed into much nastiness (and because I actually want you to come back again, I won’t disgust you with the details) by Friday night. I was supposed to help host a baby shower on Saturday and ended up having to miss that. I did manage to put together the two dishes I was responsible for on Friday night and my husband ran them over to my mil’s house on Saturday morning. I am still not fully on the mend, but I think I’m getting there. I wanted to post the cards I promised I would, plus the baby shower card I made. Now, I know I could’ve sent my husband to Target to pick up a card but I specifically order this Bundle of Joy stamp set to make this card and dang it, I was gonna use it!!! I dragged my *very* sickly self out of bed to put this card together. Not my best, but it turned out better than I expected, considering my condition. Since I have done little more than sleep or lay on the couch this weekend, I don’t have any other news. My post count is getting closer to 5,000 and I am going to do some more blog candy once I hit it. I’ve been to Michael’s and stocked up on the $1 stamps, and as promised, I will be including a Stampingbella stamp! Keep checking in! I hope none of you get what I’ve had!
Drea’s baby shower card Bart’s bday card 2007 Justin’s bday card for Daddy 2007 Inside of Justin’s bday card for Daddy 2007
As I said previously, Justin picked out the stamps we used on his card for his Daddy. He also picked out the ink color and after noticing the stapler on my table, decided we needed to add some ribbon to the card. As for my card (U are the best), I’ve decided it’s really hard to make cards for men. My instinct is usually to add ribbon of some sort, but my husband is *not* a ribbon kind of guy. I went very simple with this. And of course, there’s the Bundle of Joy card. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at that stamp set quite the same.


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  1. Shannon

    I so love Justin’s handwriting! Gotta love it and we will need those sweet reminders when our boys are in their teens! The baby card is cute! Everytime I see those ovals, I just want those punches even more!

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