A glimpse of my life

Jen del Muro had this little ditty on her blog, i{heart}2stamp and gave the okay to copy and use it. I decided since I don’t have any eye candy for you, I thought maybe I’d tell you a little bit about myself. If you fall asleep while reading it, hit your head on your keyboard and injure yourself, I am not responsible 😀

Currently In My CD Player:
The Killers (Hot Fuss), Dixie Chicks (Taking the Long Way), The Fray, Bon Jovi (Cross Road)–hey, I grew up in the ’80’s and in case you missed it….Jon Bon Jovi is *still* hot!!!

Last Movie{s} Watched:
Syriana and Charlotte’s Web

What I’m Wearing:
White long sleeved tee, black workout pants

Favorite TV Show:
Hands down….. Grey’s Anatomy. I also watch Heroes, American Idol, ER, and As The World Turns. Don’t laugh.

Last Time At a Restaurant & What I Ordered:
Went to dinner with my friend Kristine on Monday night to this really awesome restaurant in St. Paul called Everest. I had chicken tikka masala and garlic naan. We also shared some momos, which are sort of like pot stickers. Yum!

Book I’m Reading:
The AACR2, which is the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition revised. I also have The Devil Wears Prada sitting on my nightstand. Haven’t started it yet, but I better cuz the library wants it back. Imagine the nerve…a library student keeping a book past its due date!

My Favorite Indulgence:
As far as food goes, I’d say just about anything ooey gooey with chocolate. Non-food indulgences include going to get my hair cut and highlighted, shopping, and sleeping in. I have yet to actually get to sleep in since having children, but hope to know what that feels like again someday.

Latest Thing That Made Me Happy:
Watching Justin trying to play with Maddie. He can be *so* stubborn and icky sometimes, but he is an awesome big brother. Maddie loves him so much. Her face just lights up whenever he is near her.

Latest Thing That Made Me Not-So-Happy:
My two children both waking up at 3:00 a.m. this morning and neither of them wanting to go back to bed. Ugggggggh!

What I Am Looking Forward To Most This Year:
Being home with Maddie and Justin and continuing to watch them grow and change. Justin is starting kindergarten and Maddie is quickly changing from a baby to a toddler.



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2 responses to “A glimpse of my life

  1. Ooey Gooey with chocolate has my vote too Diane

  2. I’m an 80’s girl, too and Bon Jovi is almost always in my music rotation. He definitely is still hot if not hotter. Him and George Clooney.

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