One more thing!

I forgot to mention on my post-birthday post what I received in the mail *on* my birthday. I did receive a few birthday cards, but I also received my membership card for AARP. Seriously! I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry! I actually thought my husband had set me up for it, but he didn’t. My mom and I had the same first, middle, and last name until I got married. I can only assume they somehow managed to confuse us. I know it wasn’t *really* meant for me, but it was a little slap in the face. Good thing I’m not freaking out about getting older. Hey, at least I qualify for the early bird dinner discounts at places like Perkins and Embers!

Since I felt I had to share that with you and since I also don’t have a new card or project to post at the moment, here’s a picture of my darling Maddie. How cute is she?!?!?!
Maddie and her big blue eyes
I’d like to say she gets those gorgeous eyelashes from me, but she doesn’t. She gets them from her Daddy.


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  1. dreamdesigns

    Love your work!


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