OMG! CHA Cuttlebug stuff!

If you haven’t seen all of the new CHA products coming out for the Cuttlebug, you *need* to check it out. They have new embossing folders, new dies, etc. I have already added to my “Cuttlebug Wish List”! I thought I was doing pretty well, since I have *all* of the embossing folders that I like (which is most of them). Then they had to go and make a bunch more!!! And to top that off, my husband has decided I need to be on a scrapbook budget. That’s right, I get a scrapbook allowance. I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m lucky in that I’ve been able to buy pretty much whatever I want (within reason). So now I have to keep track of my spending. What a scary thought. I’m sure my friends at all of the online stores I frequent will wonder what’s become of me. It’s a sad, sad day. And of course, it had to happen *right* before the CHA products are released! Rumor has it the Cuttlebug items won’t be hitting the stores until April. I may have to save up some of my allowance for that đŸ˜€

If you’d like to see the new Cuttlebug products, you can go to the Provo Craft website and check it out. I will warn you, though, this little green machine is addicting. Just ask my friends Tracy and Shannon. They know all about the bug!!!

In other news, my little boy left yesterday afternoon for Florida with my mom and dad. They are taking Justin and my niece Grace to Disney World. It was a really tough decision for me to let him go. I wanted to be the one to take him on his first plane ride and to Disney for the first time. It was really hard to let him go. I guess I started thinking about how he would feel, knowing they were going to take Grace and he was left home. I knew it would break his heart. So, he’s gone and my house is quiet. Well, at least when Maddie is napping anyway! I miss him terribly. I’ll try to remember this feeling when he gets home and starts acting up (and I feel like strangling him).

I’ve gotten a bunch of stamp sets in the past few weeks and have some card making to do. I’ll be playing and posting some of my creations later tonight, so check back! Have a good one…..


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