I did it!!!

First layout of Maddie First layout of Maddie 2

I *finally* scrapped something for my beautiful daughter Maddie’s scrapbook!!! I am so happy! I went on a 12 hour crop yesterday with my friend Shannon. My main objective was to complete my husband’s calendar. Yes, his 2007 calendar. The one that was *supposed* to be part of his Christmas present. Don’t worry….I feel plenty of guilt. I had so much going on at the end of the year that I just didn’t get to this. I made a calendar for my dad and that *had* to be done, so my husband was gracious enough to tell me it was okay if I didn’t finish his in time. Whew! This was the third year I’ve made a calendar for him and I know how much he enjoys looking at it while he’s at work. Thanks, babe, for understanding and being so patient. Must be how you’re able to stay married to me!

Ok, so I went to the Timberwolves game on Friday night and didn’t start packing up for my crop until I got home at 10:30 p.m. I left Saturday morning with half my scrap room and *still* managed to forget something. I brought my trusty Cuttlebug with me (and *all* of the embossing folders and dies I’ve acquired) because I was going to be cutting out a bunch of Quickutz shapes to use on Bart’s calendar. I get to the hotel where the crop is being held and realize I didn’t bring the stinkin’ Quickutz binder. Duh!!! I called my darling husband and ever-so-politely asked if he and the kids would like to take a field trip. I received a less-than-enthusiastic response. So, I decided since it was *my* mistake, I’d do everything for the calendar and add the Quickutz later.

It took me most of the day and night to put the calendar together, including stamping the names of the months. The good news is that I only have to add the Quickutz embellishments and it is D-O-N-E. The bad news is that it will take me a while to get those shapes cut out. Not nearly as long as it would have, had I not purchased my wonderful little green Bug. That’s what I’ll be doing today. That and watching football. GO COLTS!!!! I absolutely adore Peyton Manning. His commercials are so funny. The man must have a great sense of humor. And he’s a heck of a quarterback, too. I’m cheering for the Colts to go all the way and win the big one this year. I’d love to see Tony Dungy get a Super Bowl ring. Besides, I can’t stand the Bears.

Ok, enough sports talk. After I finished what I could of my husband’s calendar, I took out some pics of Maddie in the bath tub and decided that’s what I’d scrap first. The hospital pictures are so important that I wanted to start with something a little more fun and whimsical. I used the Bohemia pink and brown paper and added light pink, hot pink, and brown Prima daisies. It is *so* cute. I am not quite finished, but will post as soon as it is. I’ve also added an avatar, even though I don’t have a single picture of myself that I don’t hate, because my mommy asked me to.

And for those people who may work for Provo Craft who read my blog, I brought my Cuttlebug to the crop yesterday and caused a frenzy. You should see a spike in sales today. You’re welcome. And if you feel the need to send me some freebies, I’d be happy to supply you with my address.



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2 responses to “I did it!!!

  1. Congratulations. It’s always a huge releif when you get a project that’s running behind time completed.

  2. Shannon

    I must say that the calendar and the Maddi lay-out are just beautiful works of art. It was so fun watching them come together!

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