My Sanctuary (a.k.a. my scrap room)

I spent some quality time today rearranging and cleaning out my scrap room. My darling husband was kind enough to get some shelving from the hardware store and put it up for me. My room looks so awesome!!! I love it! One of my favorite things I have for organization is the white cart with six plastic drawers in it. The drawers are actually plastic boxes that can be removed and taken with to go cropping. This is one of the best things I’ve ever invested in for scrapbooking. When I’m getting ready for a crop, I put everything I’m going to need for each project I’m working on and put it in one of the boxes. They fit easily into my Mimi wheeled tote. Here are some pics of my room:

Scrap Room 5 Scrap Room 4 Scrap Room 3 Scrap Room 2 Scrap Room 1

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, I’d love to hear them! Thanks for reading!


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One response to “My Sanctuary (a.k.a. my scrap room)

  1. Oh Wow! It does look awesome. And frighteningly organised.

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