Oh, how I love my children!

Last night for dinner, I served ravioli with pasta sauce. Yes, the EXACT SAME dinner I served my son when he told me I was a “bad cooker”. The SAME meal he described as “disgusting” a week ago received rave reviews last night. I believe he said it was the best meal he ever had and told me I was a good cooker. He even asked if he could have it for lunch today! So, I served it to him. And he ate it!!! I am not even going to pretend that I understand this child. He is one gigantic mystery. There have been so many times when he does or says something that I just end up shaking my head and walking away. Once such instance was when I took him to see the movie “Charlotte’s Web”. I loved that book as a child and was so excited to take Justin to share that love. The movie was pretty true to the book and I’ll admit that even though I knew that Charlotte was going to die, I still got teary-eyed. As we are walking out to the car after the movie, I look down at my son and ask him what his favorite part of the movie was. He looks up at me and says “when the cow farted in the rat’s face”. Boys! I guess it really is inherent for them to be disgusting creatures fascinated with potty humor. I’m still waiting for my husband to outgrow it.

As far as our little princess goes, she’s on my list. Someone (named Maddie) woke up at 3:45 a.m. and decided it was party time. She was WIDE awake. My husband assured me she would go back to sleep, but I knew better. She was so loud I was afraid she’d wake the other one. So, Maddie and I enjoyed a wonderful half hour of Blues Clues at o-dark-thirty. She wasn’t really hungry and didn’t really need to be changed. She just wanted to party. Like they say, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Even when they are only 9 months old. Hey, at least she isn’t capable of ruining a beautiful children’s story by describing in great detail the scene where the cow farted in the pig’s face.

I’ll be back later tonight to post some scrapbooking projects I’ve been working on. I belong to a monthly card club, so I have the cards I made for this month and also some name decorations I made for my cousin Denise’s daughters. Later…..


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  1. Bart

    Silly woman… Boys NEVER outgrow the delights of potty humor. We just act dignified and refer to it as ‘scatalogical mirth.’

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