My house is de-Christmafied!!!

I managed to keep my Christmas decorations up (tree included) until December 29th. That’s about as long as I could take it. Growing up, my family always kept the tree and decorations up until New Year’s Day. I don’t know how my mother could stand it. As is tradition in my family, we put the decorations up on the day after Thanksgiving. Isn’t a whole month of having my house full of Christmas cheer long enough?!?! I mean, it looks like Toys ‘R Us exploded in my living room and I had to make room for all of Maddie and Justin’s new crap somehow, right?

This was Madelyn’s first Christmas and I didn’t realize how much having a second child would impact the magnitude of presents I’d have to find a place for. How can one little baby acquire so much crap?!?! The funny thing about it is that her brother (who is 4) is having more fun playing with her toys than she is. I think he may be having more fun playing with HER toys than HIS toys. Well, the exceptions to that would be his Leapster (yes, Santa came through) and this hideous monster truck from his Uncle Erik and Auntie Kara. This thing is loud and obnoxious. It is one of life’s greatest injustices when people who do not have children of their own buy loud and obnoxious toys for the kids in their life. There is no opportunity for payback. I think it should be some sort of law or something. Unless you have children of your own, you are prohibited from purchasing any toy that makes loud noises, moves on its own, or has annoying flashing lights. In our case, this toy does all three. Thank you, Kara & Erik!


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