Post-Christmas shopping, anyone?

I pride myself on being a good shopper (by good, I do not mean insane). Which is why I would pretty much rather have a root canal than go out shopping the day after Christmas. Now I realize that most of my complete disdain for fighting the crowds on this most holy of shopping days is due to the fact that I used to work for Target. People would be lined up outside the store long before the doors were opened. They would practically trample each other to get to the Christmas clearance section of the store. Seriously! They would race down the main aisle of the store like they were on a corny game show or something. I had flashbacks of that today while at our local Target store. I thought I was being a good shopper (and by good I mean smart) by waiting until today to venture out. Apparently, I’m NOT a good shopper. The store was very busy, particularly the Christmas clearance section. People were crammed shoulder to shoulder examining what was left of the Christmas stock. I don’t know how many times I uttered the phrase “Excuse me” in an effort to get down an aisle, but I’m thinking it was way too much. One woman was blocking the entire wrapping paper area with her cart and her body while she looked for the perfect bag of bows, as if someone might come along and get the one bag that hasn’t been completely crushed right out from under her. I would have to say that the number of people in the three aisles of Christmas clearance had to be greater than or equal to the number of people in the rest of the store. And for what? A couple of pine scented candles in a dented gift box? Don’t get me started.

I also ventured into Bath & Body Works, since my friend Shannon told me that they were having their semi-annual mega sale starting today. I walked in the door, took one look at the 30 or so people standing in line to pay, and walked right back out. See, maybe I am a good shopper! I am all for a good bargain, but if I’m going to wait in line behind 30 other fools, they better be practically GIVING the stuff away.


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