The results…..

Ok, so some smart ass (Eric) wanted me to update my blog with the results of the Fantasy Football game I played in this past weekend. The actual result was a tie. A freakin’ tie!!!! The score was 67 to 67 and had I had the wherewithal to start Marc Bulger over Tony “Lame-O” Romo, I would’ve crushed him. CRUSHED HIM! But, as it stands, we tied. Now, the Yahoo! Fantasy Football gods apparently can’t let things end in a tie and thus came up with some archaic formula to determine a winner. And that winner wasn’t me. Nope! I am sure they figured, since my opponent was a man, that they’d better give him the first place trophy or his manhood might shrink from being beaten by a woman. Or they’d pull his Man Card or something. So……Congratulations, Eric. I’ll be looking for you next year, when I’ll be taking MY trophy back. Keep it nice and polished for me, ok?


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