The insanity……

So I decided to actually make some gifts for Christmas this year. I made my mom a cute AMM (All My Memories, for those of you who aren’t scrapbook obsessed) 4×4 album to keep in her purse of the grandkids. Of course, I couldn’t wait to give it to her once I finished, so she got it before Thanksgiving. I made recipe tins for two of my friends (the Kristines) that I exchange gifts with. If I may say so, they turned out so cute! I will see if they can send me a pic so I can start posting them on here. I made one for my mom that’s so cute I wanted to keep it for myself. I have actually managed to hang on to it so far, so she may actually have to wait until Christmas to get it. How novel.

I have also made 3 name plaque-thingies (which, by the way, is a technical term) for my cousin Denise’s three girls. They are 16, 15, and 10 and I sure hope they like them. I think they are darling, but of course, I’m a little biased. I will try to get some pictures taken of my projects and post them here. And just for good measure, I’m scrapbooking calendars for my dad and for my husband. I think this is my third year making one for Bart, but the first one I’ve made for my dad. It’s of the grandkids, so I know he’ll love it. He won’t give a rat’s ass about the paper I chose, the stamping I did, or the embellishments I used, but I don’t care. I scrapbook because I love it and I don’t really need anyone to validate me for it.

Well now I’ve covered some of the “Scrappin'” part of my blog title. I’ll have to work on the librarian part next time!


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