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My house is de-Christmafied!!!

I managed to keep my Christmas decorations up (tree included) until December 29th. That’s about as long as I could take it. Growing up, my family always kept the tree and decorations up until New Year’s Day. I don’t know how my mother could stand it. As is tradition in my family, we put the decorations up on the day after Thanksgiving. Isn’t a whole month of having my house full of Christmas cheer long enough?!?! I mean, it looks like Toys ‘R Us exploded in my living room and I had to make room for all of Maddie and Justin’s new crap somehow, right?

This was Madelyn’s first Christmas and I didn’t realize how much having a second child would impact the magnitude of presents I’d have to find a place for. How can one little baby acquire so much crap?!?! The funny thing about it is that her brother (who is 4) is having more fun playing with her toys than she is. I think he may be having more fun playing with HER toys than HIS toys. Well, the exceptions to that would be his Leapster (yes, Santa came through) and this hideous monster truck from his Uncle Erik and Auntie Kara. This thing is loud and obnoxious. It is one of life’s greatest injustices when people who do not have children of their own buy loud and obnoxious toys for the kids in their life. There is no opportunity for payback. I think it should be some sort of law or something. Unless you have children of your own, you are prohibited from purchasing any toy that makes loud noises, moves on its own, or has annoying flashing lights. In our case, this toy does all three. Thank you, Kara & Erik!


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Post-Christmas shopping, anyone?

I pride myself on being a good shopper (by good, I do not mean insane). Which is why I would pretty much rather have a root canal than go out shopping the day after Christmas. Now I realize that most of my complete disdain for fighting the crowds on this most holy of shopping days is due to the fact that I used to work for Target. People would be lined up outside the store long before the doors were opened. They would practically trample each other to get to the Christmas clearance section of the store. Seriously! They would race down the main aisle of the store like they were on a corny game show or something. I had flashbacks of that today while at our local Target store. I thought I was being a good shopper (and by good I mean smart) by waiting until today to venture out. Apparently, I’m NOT a good shopper. The store was very busy, particularly the Christmas clearance section. People were crammed shoulder to shoulder examining what was left of the Christmas stock. I don’t know how many times I uttered the phrase “Excuse me” in an effort to get down an aisle, but I’m thinking it was way too much. One woman was blocking the entire wrapping paper area with her cart and her body while she looked for the perfect bag of bows, as if someone might come along and get the one bag that hasn’t been completely crushed right out from under her. I would have to say that the number of people in the three aisles of Christmas clearance had to be greater than or equal to the number of people in the rest of the store. And for what? A couple of pine scented candles in a dented gift box? Don’t get me started.

I also ventured into Bath & Body Works, since my friend Shannon told me that they were having their semi-annual mega sale starting today. I walked in the door, took one look at the 30 or so people standing in line to pay, and walked right back out. See, maybe I am a good shopper! I am all for a good bargain, but if I’m going to wait in line behind 30 other fools, they better be practically GIVING the stuff away.

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I’m in L-O-V-E with the Bug!

I’m not sure of the exact moment that it happened. It may have been when I was putting 6 of my Quickutz dies on the acrylic mats and crankin’ them through. It may have been when I used the oversized embossing folders for the first time. It really doesn’t matter when, though. I just know that I {heart} my Cuttlebug! If you own a Quickutz handle you owe it to your poor little hands to get yourself a Cuttlebug! Don’t know what a Cuttlebug is? Check it out here. It makes such a huge difference in using your dies. The best part is that you can use Quickutz, BossCut, and Sizzix dies in this universal machine. And no, I’m not getting paid for this endorsement, but if you are an employee of Provo Craft and would like to send me some alphabet sets or some embossing folders as a small token of your appreciation, please feel free to contact me for my address.

In other scrapbooking news, January is almost upon us and that means CHA. For those of you unsure of what CHA is, it’s like a delayed Christmas for scrapbookers and paper crafters. Twice a year the scrapbooking/paper crafting industry holds a convention to announce all of its latest releases of new products. The companies trot out their goodies to the retailers, while those of us who merely shell out our hard earned coin for these items try to get sneak peeks on the internet. One site that is really great about posting sneak peeks is Scraptalk. CHA is at the end of January this year, so if you want to see what’s going to be coming out in the scrapbook stores this spring, check out that link!

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The results…..

Ok, so some smart ass (Eric) wanted me to update my blog with the results of the Fantasy Football game I played in this past weekend. The actual result was a tie. A freakin’ tie!!!! The score was 67 to 67 and had I had the wherewithal to start Marc Bulger over Tony “Lame-O” Romo, I would’ve crushed him. CRUSHED HIM! But, as it stands, we tied. Now, the Yahoo! Fantasy Football gods apparently can’t let things end in a tie and thus came up with some archaic formula to determine a winner. And that winner wasn’t me. Nope! I am sure they figured, since my opponent was a man, that they’d better give him the first place trophy or his manhood might shrink from being beaten by a woman. Or they’d pull his Man Card or something. So……Congratulations, Eric. I’ll be looking for you next year, when I’ll be taking MY trophy back. Keep it nice and polished for me, ok?

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Bad Cooker

My 4 year old son, Justin, announced to me tonight that I am a “bad cooker” and the things I cook are “junk” and “yucky”. It’s not like a laid a freakin’ slab of liver in front of the kid, either. I made beef ravioli with marinara sauce. I even let him tell me how much parmesan cheese to put on it. He announced after his first bite that it was “delicious”, but later described the meal as “disgusting”. Someday he’s going to be a starving teenager and I will remind him of this day, probably while handing him a plate of liver.

He is still driving me absolutely bonkers with what can best be described as “excessive Christmas energy”. Even when he sits still, I can see the energy struggling to make its way to the surface. I will be SO glad when Christmas is over. See, that’s how I know I’ve finally turned into an adult. Christmas isn’t something I hope never ends anymore. Christmas is something to be survived. Last year, every single Christmas decoration came down on December 26th. I think the same thing might happen this year, unless I’ve somehow managed to duct tape Justin to the tree itself.

The only thing Justin has asked for from Santa was a Leapster. I must hear ten times a day how he really wants a Leapster, and do I think Santa will bring him one. Tonight I told him I think Santa is bringing one for his little sister instead of him, which apparently wasn’t the answer he was expecting. The look he gave me was priceless.

Justin went to the Holidazzle parade with his cousin Grace and my parents on Wednesday night. They also got to see the holiday display at Macy’s and saw Santa. This was Justin’s second time seeing the big guy. He told Santa that he was asking him for a Leapster again, since he’d been naughty since the last time he’d asked for one. Hey, at least the kid speaks the truth. I’m sure I will like him again on December 26th.


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The insanity……

So I decided to actually make some gifts for Christmas this year. I made my mom a cute AMM (All My Memories, for those of you who aren’t scrapbook obsessed) 4×4 album to keep in her purse of the grandkids. Of course, I couldn’t wait to give it to her once I finished, so she got it before Thanksgiving. I made recipe tins for two of my friends (the Kristines) that I exchange gifts with. If I may say so, they turned out so cute! I will see if they can send me a pic so I can start posting them on here. I made one for my mom that’s so cute I wanted to keep it for myself. I have actually managed to hang on to it so far, so she may actually have to wait until Christmas to get it. How novel.

I have also made 3 name plaque-thingies (which, by the way, is a technical term) for my cousin Denise’s three girls. They are 16, 15, and 10 and I sure hope they like them. I think they are darling, but of course, I’m a little biased. I will try to get some pictures taken of my projects and post them here. And just for good measure, I’m scrapbooking calendars for my dad and for my husband. I think this is my third year making one for Bart, but the first one I’ve made for my dad. It’s of the grandkids, so I know he’ll love it. He won’t give a rat’s ass about the paper I chose, the stamping I did, or the embellishments I used, but I don’t care. I scrapbook because I love it and I don’t really need anyone to validate me for it.

Well now I’ve covered some of the “Scrappin'” part of my blog title. I’ll have to work on the librarian part next time!

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I’ve joined the craze….

Just to prove I’m still “with it”, I’ve decided to start blogging. I hope to regale you with stories of my life as a wife, mother of 2, grad student, scrapbooker, shopaholic, and librarian-wanna-be. At least the stories about my kids should be worth the price of admission.

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